My tragic hero is Superman in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of justice’. This is because in the end of the movie as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman fought against Doomsday, Lois Lane remembered that in a recent battle, there was a kryptonite tipped staff used to defeat Superman and tried to retrieve it since Doomsday […]

I was just atoms of silicon oxide until limestone grain invaded my privacy. It had borrowed me to the ground and put me into magma. I started to feel squashed up with the other silicon oxide atoms and were heated up from the heat. I started to feel different; like I was transforming like the […]

As Romeo entered the Capulet tomb, he first laid eyes on Juliet, his one true love, lying what he thought was dead. As he reached to his pocket to get out the poison, Romeo said his last words saying,”I drink this vial of poison for you Juliet. Soon, we will meet again.” Romeo opened the […]

I believe the relationship between Juliet and her parents isn’t the best. First, Juliet was mostly raised by the Nurse then her mother so that clears that they have a little, good relationship. Her father in the other hand, though, is different. Her father takes Juliet for granted like for her to get married to […]

Foreshadowing: When characters give hints and spoilers on what would happen later on in the play. Personification: When an object or thing is given human emotions or physical movements. Antithesis: When two words of the opposite meaning are used after each other in the same sentence.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is created when oxygen is sent out of trees and plants and that is breathed by us which then makes us breath out carbon dioxide. Methane is created when the gas that is sent out of leftover food and fields is mixed the carbon dioxide. Nitrous oxide (N20) is created when when […]

There is 7048kWh in my home today. days later: There is 7443kWh in my home today. 7443-7048= 395kWh 7443/35= 212.7kWh per 1p Kettle About 3000W (3kWh) 8500W (8.5kWh) ?

There is 7048kWh in my home today. 3 days later: There is 7443kWh in my home today. 7443-7048= 395kWh 7443/35= 212.7kWh per 1p Kettle About 3000W (3kWh) 8500W (8.5kWh) ?

meal food and drink Breakfast Weatos cereal with whole milk. lunch Fish and slated fries with apple pop fizz drink. snack Custard cream biscuits and Tea 3 teaspoons of sugar. dinner Chicken nuggets, French fries and Pigs in a Blanket.   Weatos= 493-1642kj Tea= 4kj Pigs in a Blanket= 8400kj total   Weatos had the […]

1.) Sun is used to evaporate the clouds with thermal energy allowing dinosaurs to drink as a food energy. They die out and billions of years later, we use kinetic energy to dig and move their remains to power plants for fossil fuels. Using kinetic and electrical energy, robots makes the electricity and it is […]